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Homepage design for DLP

Project highlights

content discovery reimagined
built for high performance
advanced search and filtering
improved conversion paths
99.9 AA WCAG


full page homepage design for DLP
When the Development Leadership Program approached us for their website design, it wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about crafting an online experience that met specific, intricate requirements.

Understanding the diverse user base, particularly in regions with low bandwidth, our primary focus was on optimising for speed and efficiency. The outcome? A website that’s lightweight, ensuring a swift and seamless experience irrespective of bandwidth constraints.

In the digital realm, accessibility is paramount. Our team ensured the site achieved WCAG compliance at level AA. But we didn’t stop there; we surpassed expectations, reaching an impressive 96% AAA compliance.
Creative tweed have created a great website that will stand as a legacy for the DLP for years to come
Isobel Wilson-cleary

artwork used on site

sections from DLP site

Mobile first approach

DLP responsive design
We revolutionised the content exploration experience, allowing users to delve into topics rather than being restricted by post types, such as papers, projects, or opinions. This was complemented by advanced cross-post type filtering within topic areas, making content discovery even more intuitive.

To instil trust, we amplified the use of social proof and incorporated stronger calls to action. Underpinning all these features was our super lightweight code, ensuring optimal performance without compromising on functionality.

With the Development Leadership Program, we’ve proven once again that with the right blend of design expertise and technical acumen, one can create digital masterpieces that don’t just look good but function flawlessly.

high performance

The site achieved 99.9 AA WCAG and delivered an excellent global performance

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