Gateway Alliance

advanced event booking system and members portal
web design & build
crm integration
Gateway Alliance
Shot of Gateway Alliance homepage on iMac in studio

Project highlights

integrated e-commerce booking system, replacing manual spreadsheets
operational efficiency boosted via process automation
bespoke subscription model for discounts and free events
detailed customer insights through HubSpot crm integration

home page

A full screen render of the Gateway Alliance homepage.
Gateway Alliance, a pivotal collaborator for over 250 schools, embarked on an ambitious journey with Creative Tweed to revolutionise their approach to professional learning events and teacher training programmes. Faced with the constraints of an outdated, spreadsheet-reliant system, Gateway Alliance sought a seamless transition to a more streamlined, integrated online platform.

Creative Tweed, renowned for its expertise in web design and development, meticulously crafted an advanced eCommerce website and members’ portal for Gateway Alliance. This state-of-the-art platform was engineered to automate a myriad of offline systems and manual processes, significantly boosting operational efficiency. Central to this digital transformation was an innovative booking engine, enabling head teachers to easily register themselves, their schools, and fellow educators.
The team has been completely dedicated to getting to know Gateway Alliance – inside and out – so that they could offer innovative and creative ideas in order to help us to develop our business.
Helen Martin | managing director

Mobile first approach

Careful consideration was given to mobile user expereince.
The platform’s sophistication extended to a bespoke subscription model that offered schools customised discounts and free event seats, directly linked to their subscriptions. Upon logging into the event shop, teachers associated with a school account could instantly access tailored pricing and available free seats.

In addition, head teachers were empowered to seamlessly manage event bookings and assign them to other teachers within their account, significantly simplifying the process. The website’s visually compelling front end was strategically designed to attract new schools to the Alliance, while the intuitive membership platform facilitated efficient management of events, subscriptions, and teacher accounts.

The culmination of this transformation was the deep integration with a CRM system, notably HubSpot. This integration endowed Gateway Alliance with a holistic view of every customer interaction and purchase, forging a powerful tool for effective event communication and nuanced marketing strategies.

This digital leap from a spreadsheet-based system to a fully integrated eCommerce booking system with CRM integration marked a pivotal milestone in Gateway Alliance’s operational evolution, setting a new standard in educational collaboration and management.

Site sections

Key sections from website front end and membership portal.

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