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Moseley Park

Revitalising Moseley Park: A Digital Transformation Story
web design
crm Integration
launch campaign
images showing sections of the Moseley Park website rendering on mobile

Project highlights

Transformation of Moseley Park’s online presence
Automated online subscription system replacing outdated paper processes
Comprehensive CRM integration providing a complete view of park members
Successful recovery of lapsed subscriptions through the new system

Moseley Park Website

A selection of sections form the Moseley Park website.
Moseley Park, a private park celebrated for its iconic music festivals like Mostly Jazz and Moseley Folk, faced a digital crossroads. Their 2015 website, a relic of a bygone era, mirrored an inefficient, paper-heavy subscription model – a labyrinth of spreadsheets and postal reminders. Enter our team with a vision to transform Moseley Park’s online presence and streamline their operations.


A full render of the website’s homepage

Mobile first approach

With significant amount of the site’s traffic coming from mobile, we took a mobile first approach to the websites design.
Firstly, we tackled the website. It wasn’t just a facelift; it was a complete digital reinvention. The new website boasted a fresh, inviting design complemented by user-friendly features such as Plan Your Visit, Activities, and Events sections.

The biggest goal was to digitise subscriptions. We built an e-commerce subscription management system and integrated it seamlessly with an on-site CRM. This powerhouse combo revolutionised how Moseley Park managed its subscribers, shifting from a cumbersome offline process to a slick, automated online system.

The results? A 360-degree view of park members and a rejuvenated subscription model that not only retained existing members but also recovered previously lapsed subscriptions. The successful launch campaign was the icing on the cake, which focussed on migrating subscribers to the new digital system.

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