stronger identity, greater trust, Increased loyalty

Craft a compelling identity that resonates with your audience, driving recognition, trust, and engagement in your market.

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They transformed the image of our parent company BituChem as well as established our new brand NatraTex within our industry.

Companies that partner with creative tweed for business growth

stand out in a crowded market

Feel swallowed up in a sea of similar faces? Let’s carve out a niche that puts your brand on the map. With a tailor-made branding strategy, your business won’t just be another name in the directory, but a distinctive brand that people remember and gravitate towards.

maintain a consistent brand message

Struggling with a jumble of messages across different channels? Let’s untangle that narrative. By harmonising your message across all platforms, we ensure that wherever your customers interact with your brand, they’re met with the same professional, cohesive identity that builds trust and recognition.

build trust and credibility

Concerned about winning trust in a competitive market? Let’s mould a brand persona that epitomises reliability and expertise. With the right branding strategy, your business will not only capture attention, but also the confidence and trust of your clients, laying a solid foundation for lasting partnerships.


we specialise in

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At the heart of impactful branding lies a deep understanding of your business. It’s not just about what you do, but why you do it, who you do it for, and the challenges you solve. That’s the crux of a brand strategy that resonates.

At Creative Tweed, we delve into the fabric of your business. We explore your offerings, dissect your market, and empathise with your audience’s pain points. This thorough understanding is our springboard to crafting a brand strategy that’s as unique as your business.

Our approach doesn’t just skim the surface. We dig deep to unearth the visual cues and strategic insights that will speak directly to your audience, evoking the emotions that drive engagement and loyalty. This meticulous strategy lays the groundwork for a brand that not only tells your story but resonates with the people you serve.

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Brand identity is where the essence of your strategy blooms into visual form. It’s about crafting a visual narrative that not only captures attention but resonates with the hearts of your audience. What inspires them? What sparks their curiosity? These are the questions that guide our visual exploration at Creative Tweed.

Our journey begins with a dive into concept ideation, where imagination meets insight. This is the birthplace of the ‘ah-ha’ moment, where a visual concept that encapsulates your brand’s ethos comes to life. It’s not about aesthetics alone; it’s about visualising the answers unearthed in the brand strategy phase.

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Transcending beyond mere asset creation, brand application at Creative Tweed is about strategically imprinting your brand’s ethos across various touchpoints. 

It commences with generating pivotal brand assets like your website and marketing materials. Yet, the essence lies in how these assets are orchestrated to attract your ideal audience and guide them towards becoming loyal customers. Each asset is a strategic tool aimed at engaging and resonating with your audience. 

Through thoughtful brand application, we don’t just craft assets; we create experiences that captivate your audience, nurturing a journey from visitor to paying customer..

But don't take our word for it...
Chris Hill
Managing Director, novus
“From the moment Creative Tweed joined us, they completely understood our vision. They provided direction, leadership, and guidance on what we needed to do, how we needed to do it, and the approach we should take. They fully understood our end goal and demonstrated a passion for it that matched our own. I would wholeheartedly recommend Creative Tweed – they are absolutely first-class!”
Helen Martin
Managing Director, Gateway Alliance
“The team has been completely dedicated to getting to know Gateway Alliance – inside and out – so that they could offer innovative and creative ideas in order to help us to develop our business.”
Andy Grubb
Sales Director, International Forwarding
“We can already attribute several large client wins to the website and SEO work you guys have done.”

The process


Formulate & qualify

At the start of the design process there are many ideas that need to be rationalised – It’s our job to understand what you want, and also what you need to get there.


Critique & finalise

Once everyone’s happy, your chosen solution will be turned into a final design for approval.


Creative development

Once we’ve formulated a design brief that satisfies your customer persona’s needs and wishes, we can turn ideas into tangible design concepts. From brand identities to websites and marketing campaigns, you’ll receive a solution that performs.


Critique & finalise

Once everyone’s happy, your chosen solution will be turned into a final design for approval.



From a digital to print, we’ll make sure your brand transitions smoothly and grabs attention from your ideal customer.


Branding goes beyond just a striking logo; it sets the stage for a consistent, positive customer experience. With a robust brand, you gain clearer insights into customer loyalty, referrals, and the overall market perception of your business. Through actionable metrics, understand the ripple effect of your brand’s performance on your business growth.
The digital realm is a powerhouse for brand expression. A seamlessly translated brand across digital platforms like your website, social media, and online adverts, aligns with your audience’s online journey. With a well-orchestrated digital presence, witness your brand’s message resonate consistently, whether offline or online, keeping pace with the evolving digital trends.
Engaging content is a gateway to forming and nurturing connections with your audience. It's about sparking meaningful conversations and providing value that sets you apart in your niche. By understanding the core of your brand and the interests of your audience, you can craft content that not only captures attention but also reinforces your brand's position as a thought leader. This way, every piece of content becomes an opportunity to showcase your expertise, solve your audience's challenges, and build a community around your brand.
Navigating the fine line between global consistency and local relevance can be intricate. A flexible branding strategy ensures the core essence of your brand remains intact while embracing local adaptations. Experience a brand that resonates on a local level, yet retains its foundational identity, fostering a robust, positive presence across borders.

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"What you have created over the number of years we have worked together has been nothing short of exceptional"

Chris Hill, novus

Founders note

In a market flooded with choices, only a select few brands manage to echo in the minds of their customers.

Especially in the B2B world, where decisions are weighed and measured, a brand’s impact can be startlingly short-lived.

That’s not just disappointing—it’s a missed opportunity.

The most common missteps? A brand message that’s as forgettable as it is vague, and a visual identity that fails to capture or convey a company’s unique ethos.

That’s why we started Creative Tweed. Our inception was fuelled by a singular mission: to forge brands that not only stand out but stand for something.

We believe in the alchemy of strategy and design, transforming insights into a visual language that speaks directly to your audience, striking a chord that resonates with their needs, wants, and aspirations.

It’s this philosophy that has guided us to help hundreds of businesses craft a brand presence that’s not just seen but felt, turning passive onlookers into engaged advocates.

If you’re ready to elevate your brand from a whisper to a roar, we’re here to chart that journey with you. Let’s create not just a brand, but a beacon for your business.

David Martin
Digital director

Richard Spicer
Creative director